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Student Bus Fares

School bus fares are structured so that students using similar services pay similar fares.

Child student and adult student fares apply on all buses at all times, not just for travel to and from school. Students may need to provide student identification to validate their entitlement to student concession fares.

Student fares

The maximum Student fare for 2024 is currently $2.00 (green tickets) for each journey. Note: This fare is subject to change in the future.

A minimum 20% Discount on fares is available when purchasing a 10-ride ticket sheet (red). Currently at $16.00. Any unused tickets purchased in 2023 can be used in 2024 providing they are still eligible. For further information contact your bus service operator.

Students who have been approved for a student bus pass for free travel are not required to pay a fare when travelling between home and school between 06:00am and 07:00pm when using a valid pass. Students will be required to pay a fare if travelling outside of these times.

Child student fares

Students are eligible for a child student fare up to the end of the school year in which they turn 18, as long as they are studying full time at school, including senior secondary college, TAS TAFE or University.

Adult student fares

Students who are attending full time classes at a recognised senior secondary college, TasTAFE or University are eligible for the adult student fare from the year in which they turn 19.

On Urban Fringe Bus Services, the Adult Student fare is the standard adult concession fare, which is up to 50% of the full fare. On Metro and Merseylink services, the adult student fare is a flat fare regardless of the number of fare sections or zones travelled.

Eligibility for a student bus pass for free travel

  The student must be:

  • under 18 OR turning 18 in the year of study
  • attending classes at a school or college recognised by the Department of Education
  • a full-time student (600+ hours per year).

  AND one of the following

  • hold or are listed as a dependent on a current concession card * or
  • attending their rural home area school, but only have a fare paying bus service available or
  • under a Care and Protection order. The case manager is required to complete the application form and provide a letter on official departmental letterhead.

   * accepted concession cards are:

  • Centrelink Health Care Card (HCC)
  • Centerlink Pensioner Concession Card (PCC)
  • Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Pensioner Concession Card

Using the cards

Students who are eligible, will need to present a student bus pass for free travel, when traveling to and from school on a fare paying service. Students must show pass to bus driver.

Fare paying students only need to present a Greencard if traveling on a Metro or Tassielink service.

Urban areas

School services operating wholly outside of an urban or town area to the local home area school do not charge a fare.

Students are required to pay a fare to travel to, from or within urban and town areas.

Apply online for a Student Bus Pass for Free Travel